Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lentil Soup

I made the most yummy, healthy, inexpensive, easy soup in the crockpot today. It was yet another recipe from Stephanie's Crockpot Blog . If you like to cook, or if you want to learn more about using your crockpot, or if you like to eat, you really should visit this site!

The soup was so good. Go here to see the recipe and a picture. Moroccon Lentil Soup. I made a few minor changes. I did not add garam masala because, well, I did not know what that was until I looked it up on wikipedia, and I could not find it in the spice aisle at my grocery store. I used ground ginger instead of fresh. I also skipped the puree step at the end because my hand mixer would not work. Hmph.

Regardless, everyone over the age of five ate it and enjoyed it. Elizabeth and Hope are living on bananas, grapes, peanut butter, and cheese these days. So much for my desire to feed my children well.

Anyway, this soup was great. There was enough left for dinner tomorrow night (yippee). I will make this again. And did I mention that it is inexpensive and nutritious?


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Bonnie the Boss said...

Just what I need good yummy recipes! Stop by my blog anytime. I look forward to reading yours.