Monday, November 17, 2008


When I was single, I went to church alone and I sat by myself, unless some of the sweet, sweet children in the church sat beside me and kept me company. There were more children than adults in our small congregation, so I was certainly never lonely. One beautiful little firecracker named Jenny used to sit on my lap, wiggling and squirming the entire service. (Little did I know she was doing her part to prepare me for motherhood. Both of my girls have been just like her in that area. I hope they pick up some of her other traits, too. She is growing into a beautiful, intellingent, godly young lady.) I even listened to the entire sermon and took notes back then.

Now, just a few short years later, my family travels to church in a van. We fill almost an entire pew in the sanctuary. I feel like I need eight arms to keep both of the little ones in their seat, quiet, and still. I often end up taking one or both of them into the church vestibule for most of the service, so I miss the sermon. There are speakers that allow me to hear the pastor, but my attention is usually focused on the girls. (Mark is great at reviewing.) I do not take notes. Yet, I know this is a short season, so I do not complain about dealing with Elizabeth and Hope. I want them to learn to sit through the service, and I know they will eventually. I am just so thankful for these blessings God has given me. I wanted a family, but I did not know if having one was part of God's plan for me. What changes He has brought to my world in such a short time. How very blessed I am.

May I be a better wife and mother today, and may my savior draw me closer unto himself. May I remember to count my blessings and react to those around me in a gentle, loving way.

May your heart be guided by our savior, as well.


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