Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Election and a Publication

I wanted to comment on the election, but Mandy's post says it much better than I could.
(Scroll down to the part written in red.)

Like Mandy and many others I've read about and spoken to, I believe that now is the time to stand behind our President-elect and pray for him. This is the leader our citizens chose. I will not always agree with him, and I will not keep my opinions silent, but I will speak of him with honor and respect.

On a much lighter note, I encourage you to take the time to check out Dawn's blog, , today. She received the first copy of her book yesterday and is so excited, as she should be! Her story is fun and exciting (just like her blog), and I am happy for her.

It's 3:00 a.m., when I should be in bed, but I have much to do. Time to shut down the computer and focus on responsibilities.

Until later,

PS -- I wish I could rename the links I paste in my posts. For example, instead of seeing the address for Mandy's post, I would like to show "Mandy's fabulous post" or something similar. I thought I had learned how to do it, but it is not working here. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Hmmm... Upon viewing my post, I see that the addresses are not even showing as links. It looks like I have some learning to do.

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Mandy said...

Thanks for your kind words and the link. To link with a different name, type the name you want for the link, then highlight it, and click on the link button on the toolbar at the top. When it pops up, it has a blank space with http:// in it. Paste the address there, being sure it has only 1 http:// (I've accidentally had 2 before, and it doesn't work) then click ok. It should show up, then, as underlined on your blog so you can click the link. Hope that helps! - Mandy