Sunday, November 30, 2008

Remembering the Past...

I got to worship at my former church this morning, the place I called home before I married my prince charming and moved far, far away. The congregation is small, and it was such a delight to see everyone again. I enjoyed visiting with the Longs, the Brinks, the Holbrooks, the Browns, and the Beldens, as well as meeting some new families. There was not enough time to get caught up, but it warmed my heart to see children who had grown and share hugs with dear friends. Isn't it wonderful to be somewhere that you truly feel loved, to know that people are sincerely glad to see you, and that they mean it when they ask how you are? Wonderful.

The visit also reminded me of a funny story. For a time, I was the only unmarried adult in the congregation. One month, the pastor shared a series of sermons about family. The first week, he preached about God's commands for husbands. The next week, he spoke to wives. The third week, he addressed what God says about children. It was a very informative series, filled with insightful, beautiful lessons, but I remember chuckling to myself that the pastor had preached to everyone in the church but me that month. I didn't fit in either of those categories, so I sort of got a pass.

Want to know what the week four message was about? David, Bathsheba, and the sin of adultery! I kid you not. I'm sure it was just a coincidence. I'm certain the pastor was not trying to make sure everyone heard a message that they could apply directly to their own lives, especially the single gal who needed to be reminded about what trouble she could easily get into. I'm certain that it only seemed like people were looking at me out of the corner of their eyes, then looking at one another with raised eyebrows as he spoke. I'm not really that self-conscious or paranoid. I'm sure it was just one of those things. Regardless, I'm completely over it now. It hardly ever crosses my mind. Really. Like I said, it was so nice to visit this morning.

Want to know what today's sermon was about? Revenge. Like, how if someone does something that embarrasses you or makes you uncomfortable, you ought not try to get back at them by posting about it on your blog. It was a really good message.

Yeah, I have a way to go in my spiritual walk...

Have a wonderful night (and go to bed, Sheryl -- it's late)!


(Edited to add: Just in case there is doubt, my tone is meant to be light. I have much respect and affection for the pastor and his wife. My intent is to make you laugh, not to be spiteful.)

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Sheryl said...

Memories... :)
So good to see you and your family...
By the way, 9:00pm is early. :)