Saturday, November 29, 2008

Big Brother...

We are having a delightful time visiting with grandparents this weekend. As always, my children are providing plenty of entertainment. Last night, Elizabeth was running in Grandma's house and I could not get her to stop. (That is not the entertaining part.) She ended up sitting quietly on the couch beside Daddy. She did not like it, but she obeyed. We knew when her attention span was gone, though. She began telling us that she was getting bored...that she was not enjoying her time on the couch any longer. Mark basically ignored her complaining until she said, "Daddy, this is about as much fun as watching paint dry!"

That got our attention. We both stopped, stared at her open-mouthed for a few minutes, then composed ourselves enough to ask where she had heard that. She didn't give us an answer, but she did earn a few more minutes on the couch.

We learned later that it was her big brother Robert who taught her such a respectful phrase. You know, that guy who is supposed to protect and defend her, who teaches her good things and sets a fine example for her. I'm sure he did some giggling when he shared the fun new saying he was introducing to her. Unfortunately, he neglected to teach her that it is not the best thing to say to Daddy when trying to get out of trouble.

Funny. It made Pappy, Granny, and Grandma laugh a lot, when Elizabeth was not listening, of course!

Have a great evening!


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Lorie said...

I love the things that kids say!!