Saturday, December 6, 2008


Does it make anyone else the least bit uncomfortable that the people who are leading our nation during an economic recession are not so great at managing their campaign money? Why would we expect them to be stern with banks and automakers who come asking for bailout money when they spend more than they have to get elected?

I am not in favor of more government control on spending, but I would certainly be more impressed by leaders who spend carefully, and who do not spend money they don't have. They might be a little more inclined to work on the national budget in the same manner.

Just a thought...

Democrats in Debt

Clinton's Fundraising

(In the interest of fairness, when I find stories about Republicans in financial trouble, I will share those, too.) My goal is not to embarrass those who spend unwisely, as I certainly am constantly working on that myself, but to bring attention to the practices of those who have been elected to lead our country. I am neither a politician nor a financial advisor, but stories like this frighten me as a mom.


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