Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Do you wear crocs?

I have typed this post several times, but before I can publish it, life interferes. Hope wakes up early, or Elizabeth bumps her head and needs me to hold her (which is better than when she tells me she hurt her bottom and needs me to kiss it...), or Robert and Abel turn into the Pick and Nag brothers and get into a disagreement in which the word butt is used several times. (Please do not get the wrong idea. They are fabulous boys.)

Oh wait. Here are the girls. It seems Dora went off before I could finish typing. Now I must go put my daughters to bed. Priorities and all that. Let's see if I can get back before the session times out.


One daughter down. One refusing to close her eyes. But here I go again.

If you wear crocs, you can have them recycled. They are ground up, formed into new shoes, and donated to organizations that work in third world countries. Neat, huh? Someone posted the site on the message board for our homeschool group, and I wanted to share it here. To learn more about the program, go to SolesUnited . To learn where you can donate your used shoes, click here .

Now, it's trivia time.

Who kept time with the Little Drummer Boy? The ox and the lamb.

What do most elves wear on the tips of their shoes? Bells.

Who do we pretend the snowman is in the song "Winter Wonderland"? Parson Brown

... I hear the patter of little feet. She is still not asleep. She is asking for cookies. (No way!) I suspect it will be a long night.


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Bonnie the Boss said...

"Pick and nag brothers" now that is funny stuff!