Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Headache Go Away-er

Last night, I got a headache that came on suddenly and sent me to bed. (I'm much better now.) Soon after I went to my room, Elizabeth came pouncing in and climbed onto the bed with me. She was holding something made from her mega-blocks.

She said, "Mommy, I made you something. It's a headache go away-er. It will make your headache go away." (She also calls it a headache get ridder of.)

Isn't that so sweet? She has such a tender, caring heart. Except when Hope comes near a toy Elizabeth is playing with...but we are working on that.

Elizabeth loves to help clean or pretend to clean with the (toy) supplies she got for Christmas, and I try to get her involved as much as possible. She loves to help Robert clean the bathroom, and she gets so excited when it's "big-cleaning" day. (Oh, may she keep that love for many years to come. May Hope develop the same affinity for housework!)

She folded a big stack of towels the other day and I told her what a great job she did. Her response was, "Robert and Abel taught me how to fold. They teach me lots of good things."

So sweet.

When Mark and I were sitting on the couch watching TV a few days ago, she marched up with some small metal buckets left from Easter baskets, and said, "This one is for mopping. This one has toilet cleaner. And this one is for my toilet wand."

Images of how clean my house will be when she is a teenager flashed through my mind. I looked at my husband, blinked back the tears of joy, and simply said, "I love her."

She is definitely full of character and heart.



Tiffany said...

Oh how I could use that head ache get ridder! I'm home by myself this morning, heavily drugged (but the head still hurts) trying to stay upright for a minute or two.

My little one loves to clean too. She's been known to clean her big sister's room. Gotta love kids like that!

Stacy said...

Aw...I love when kids do something like that. My little one gives me "Headache kissies..." Lol, they are special kisses for Mommy (i.e kissing my eyes and tip of my nose) that help when I get a headache.